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Lights Out: How to Take a Holiday Hiatus

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The end of the year can be a personal and holiday maelstrom. Hanukkah. Christmas. Kwanzaa. Kids are off from school. Family and friends are in town, or you’re traveling to them. Work projects need to wrap up before January. Or maybe you just want a week or two of down time to reflect and prepare for the start of a new year.

No matter the reason, lots of us want to simplify during the year-end whirlwind. One way to cut back? Don’t worry about your blog. Here are four ways to take a blogging break without losing your readers.

Announce it

The easiest way to put your blog in a holding pattern for a few days? Just stop posting.

Don’t just disappear, though: let your readers know you’ll be taking a break and let them know when you expect to return. A short post announcing your time off and offering good…

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Moving On

I cried enough tears, but I still can’t get the painful feeling off of my chest.  One time you talked to me as if you can’t live without me, and then the next time you acted like you don’t even want to see me. You’re troubling my heart, my poor heart who only wants to feel loved and cherished. Although I know this is just a temporary feeling. Is it too much if I to ask you to tell me you’d stay? Even if it’s just pretend, even if you don’t mean it, please tell me you’re sorry. I’m only asking you to say those words,  those meaningless words. If not, then just tell me you never did love me; by then I would learn to accept it, that everything was just a plain memory. How I wish that I wouldn’t feel so confused until now. Even if you don’t care anymore, please help me forget, help me move on, and let’s say our farewells to each other.